Sabrina Reyes-Peters

Sabrina's Weekly Digest No. 14


¡Hola, amigos! This week's digest will be very short. I've said that before, I know, but this one will be the briefest of them all.

(I apologize that there was no "Sunday Reflections" for this week; I stayed home from church feeling rather unwell.)

Let's try a different order this time, shall we?



I finally got through the halfway mark in The People's History of the United States! I only started this book almost five years ago; when C noticed I was getting really upset every time I read it, he suggested I take a break. It was a fairly long break, and I figured that this history book couldn't be more upsetting than current events, so I've been slowly making my way through again. I made it through the Spanish-American War, the establishment of the IWW (Wobblies: Industrial Workers of the World) and the fight for unions and labor regulations, and am just starting on the World War I chapter.

It feels weird just reading one book right now, so I'll probably pick up another book this weekend.

Articles and miscellanea

I found this interesting article on ++Rowan Williams last week and forgot to share: "The Velvet Reformation"

For some reason, I forgot that this month has been Native American Heritage Month. Let me suggest that you look at Rebecca Nagle's Twitter thread(s) for a little bit of learning with me on that front:


So, uh...I haven't listened to any podcast episodes this week, but I HAVE been busy with planning my own podcast(!!!). I've almost got a name for it, but the concept is this: an episode of 30 minutes or less, where I invite an expert in an area of religious studies (most likely Christianity) to explain their niche with as little jargon as possible. It's a theology podcast of sorts for the masses. I hope to get it running in January!


I finished Fleabag, and I don't think I've enjoyed it as much as a lot of people have. I found Criminal series' in French, German, and Spanish, so I think I'll watch those next. Do you have any suggestions for international films? Let me know!

Told you this would be short!