Stomping the kyriarchy with ordinary words

I’m a bibliophile, MDiv, and gentle agitator, working on dismantling the kyriarchy.

I have a passion and knack for shepherding people toward the information they need, due to my years of experience in libraries and bookstores. Vocationally, this has me starting on the long path toward ordination (or chaplaincy?). You can join me as I attempt to chronicle this journey, think through theology, dismantle the kyriarchy, and read books.

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Sabrina Peters' beautiful face
Sabrina reads lots of books (mostly comics and theology books lately), drinks lots of tea, pretends to be smart on Twitter, and ponder how to destroy the kyriarchy. She lives in the passive-aggressive, beautiful Seattle, with her spouse and his mostly clever, somewhat corny jokes. She currently serves as a Eucharistic minister at a local Episcopal church, and is re-exploring her vocational direction, dusting off the MDiv she earned six years ago. For the personality junkies out there, she is most likely a 5w6, and every MBTI test ever taken has been inconclusive, save for the “I” for “introvert”.