Sabrina Reyes-Peters

Sabrina's Weekly Digest No. 10

Hello gentlefolks, and welcome to the 10th edition of my digest! (Can I call it a weekly digest if I took a two month "break"?) Also, yes, this the 10th digest, hooray! I didn't give my last one a number, but it was the ninth, so I'll make this one the tenth.

This will be really short, because I haven't been listening to a whole lot of things (I am REALLY behind on my podcasts) the past couple weeks.



I'm currently reading The Water Dancer and Ink and Bone. These are two very different books, and I'll be sure to give short reviews once I've finished them, but let me tell you this: I was so blown away by Ta-Nehisi Coates' prose in The Water Dancer that I had to put it down after reading seven pages.

Articles and miscellanea

This excerpt from God Matters is well worth the 30 predicted minutes it will take to read. Here's a quote to whet your appetite:

"The Christian Church, with minor exceptions, has been solidly on the side of violence for centuries, but normally it has only been the violence of soldiers and policemen. It is only when the poor catch on to violence that it suddenly turns out to be against the gospel."

Read more: Fr. Herbert McCabe, “The Class Struggle and Christian Love” (1980).

This is an interview with a historian on capitalism as religion that I found quite thought-provoking. It is worth considering the relationship between capitalism and beauty/imagination. "Has Capitalism Become Our Religion?"

This is a difficult article to read, not because it wasn't written well, but because of its contents. It is a profile of an individual who has extensively studied the organizational strategies that churches use to cover up abuse. I would suggest this for anyone who considers themselves a Christian, or even just a religious churchgoer: "This Is How We Let Abuse Thrive".


As per usual, I am back on an exclusively British train. GBBO Collection 7, Criminal: UK, and a re-watch of Broadchurch have been my go-tos the past couple weeks. I think David Tennant is becoming one of my favorite actors, and I am almost set on Broadchurch as my favorite TV mystery/crime drama.

What are you up to lately?