Sabrina Reyes-Peters

Sabrina's Weekly Digest No. 5

Hello brave fellow readers, and welcome to my weekly digest. See last week's here.


I've been at home a lot this week, without the energy to go much of anywhere. When I hang out at home a lot, I find that I'm not listening to many things, because it is customary for me to listen when I'm on public transit, running errands, and so forth. It seems I've developed a habit around a certain context, which I need to change!


Food Psych Podcast I've seen this podcast mentioned a couple times, and finally decided to give a listen. It's all about intuitive eating and fighting against diet culture, and promoting healthy body image. I'm starting with episode 184, "Why Diet Culture is a Form of Oppression".

The McKrakenCast Dr. McMaken started producing a podcast relatively recently, and his latest was reading an excerpt from an essay by Helmut Gollwitzer: "Kingdom of God and Socialism in the Theology of Karl Barth." I enjoyed Gollwitzer's reflections and am probably adding the book whence the essay came to my wishlist.


Sometimes you just need to dance around in the kitchen, and you pick the Salsa Boricua playlist, from Spotify, as your soundtrack. Then you laugh because the first track is a mopey Marc Anthony song.



I finished Captain Marvel, Earth's Mightiest Hero, Vol. 3 at the beginning of the week. It got a little boring toward the end, but as I said in my last digest, the illustrations were much better than the last two.

Articles and miscellanea

Did you know the Communist Party USA is celebrating 100 years this week? Check out this very short letter from Angela Davis.

Did you watch the Democratic debates this week? I only watched a bit of the second round, enough to hear Marianne Williamson call for reparations, and say something about the role of the USA in the Central American crisis and unrest. I also heard and saw Kamala Harris nail Joe Biden on his racism. She was a general bad-ass Thursday night, but she's still on this handy list of people not to vote for, which is complete with references.

I also appreciated this reminder about what and who was missing from the debates.


This weekend is Pride weekend in my neighborhood. It is also the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. I did not know, before this week, that the Pride festivals were started because of Stonewall. Yesterday, scrolling through Twitter, I noticed a piece on a minister and saw that he had helped to start Pride festivals. For some reason, I did not save it, so I asked Google, and found his name in the Wikipedia article about Pride. His name was Rev. Troy Perry, and he was instrumental, along with two others, in the 1970 L.A. Pride parade. He also founded the Metropolitan Community Churches. Last year, MCC celebrated 50 years, and Rev. Perry reflects here.

If you don't know what happened during Stonewall, here's a brief overview:Why We Remember Stonewall. And, here's a first-person perspective:PinkNews talks to Mark Segal. And last, but not least, here's a piece reflecting on 50 years and the journey of progress: Coming Out, and Rising Up, in the Fifty Years After Stonewall.