Sabrina Reyes-Peters

My Final Word on Donald Trump

I remember listening to the radio last year in the car, on the way to Lewistown (then home) from State College. I was enjoying the leisurely drive through the rolling hills, all the while listening to commentators on Donald Trump’s impending GOP nomination. This was when he first made his racist remarks on Mexicans, and I was thinking, “there is NO WAY this man will win the nomination. This is a joke. The commentators are right; there is no way he will win. This is a joke.”

The joke is still alive and kicking, and has turned into a nightmare.

As Trump’s campaign progressed, I found myself having to continually repeat myself in a stance against Trump, mostly to Christians. I have grown tired of saying the same things over and over on Facebook, so consider this my ultimate polemic against Trump voters. I remain baffled as to why you could vote for him, and this is my final word on why you absolutely shouldn’t.

NB: I do not expect to change anyone’s mind (although it would be a huge bonus!).

As far as I can see, there are two main Christian groups voting for Trump.

  1. Nationalists, who truly believe that the USA is God’s blessed nation, and buy into the motto “Make America Great Again”. These people have been Trump supporters from the beginning.

  2. Clinton haters, who also don’t like Trump very much, but hate Clinton’s Supreme Court picks even more. The main issue at hand: abortion.

First, even if you are not in one of these groups, and you think you are going to vote for Trump, there is absolutely no good reason. Trump is a documented (I say “documented”, because it is not a matter of opinion, and it’s just a Google search away) racist (not just in words, but also in action: see his history with New York tenants), xenophobe, bigot, sexist, admirer of fascist leaders, and liar. He has no experience in government, whatsoever. He’s not just an “imperfect” man. He’s a demonstrated hater of everyone except himself, which means he is unfit for anyone who calls themselves a Christian and carries around the mandate to love one’s neighbor.

Second, I address those who are simply voting for Trump because he’s not Hillary Clinton. Two questions come to mind. How is abortion actually a separate issue from everything else necessary for human flourishing? You’re either “pro-life” or not. Abortion, believe it or not, is not the only “pro-life” issue. And, what, according to Trump’s entire track record, makes you think he is going to keep his pledge to put “pro-life” people in the Supreme Court? Your reasons for a Trump vote are shaky at best.

Third, let me talk to the first group I mentioned: Christian nationalists. No, the USA is not especially blessed, and no, the USA is not a Christian nation. History proves you wrong, but I think there’s a more fundamental, theological question to ask. If you believe that the earth is going up in flames at the end of time (a la 2 Peter 3.7, why are you so concerned with “making America great again”? And, when has Christendom (which is essentially what you're after) ever benefitted the church? Answer: never.

Some of you will still see this as a defense for Hillary Clinton. That’s quite alright with me, even if I didn’t intend it as such. Why? Clinton is an experienced politician. All politicians lie strategically, while Trump just…lies. Anyhow, if you’re going to vote for Clinton, you can at least know how she lies. She has a corporate, centrist, Democrat agenda. Trump? Who the hell knows.

If you’re on the fence, let me invite you to consider a third-party vote.

And finally, because I know some of you are as lazy as I am and won’t employ a Google search, here are some links to check out: