Sabrina Reyes-Peters

Class Project

Designing a Workshop

Well, here I am after the summer and most of autumn, with a new blog post! It's not my usual fare, but rather a repository for what I'm sure will be the first of several school projects. So, if you like to listen to me talk, take a gander at my presentation. If you'd like to learn about my workshop in more depth, take a look at the accompanying documents.

If you're my peer reviewer: hi! Welcome to my site. For the purpose of this assignment, I thought it would be easier just to insert a blog post on my existing site, rather than create another separate repository.

This is for a project in LIS 560: Instructional and Training Strategies for Information Professionals. My assignment was to choose a user group, learn about its characteristics, information needs and information seeking behaviors, and then design a workshop teaching skills to meet one or more of the needs. Please find below a) my presentation overview, b) a brief literature review of the user group, c) the lesson plan, and d) a workshop rubric.


Training Module Part A

Training Module Part B: Lesson Plan

Student Rubric