Sabrina Reyes-Peters

Monday Happies

Good morning, everyone!

Today I thought I'd share some images from this weekend, along with a few of my favorite/happy things.

On Saturday, after I supported some local farms (found eggs, strawberries, apples, and a lovely aloe vera plant!) we finally tried the Taco Shark truck. (I don't have any pictures, but feel free to find C's Intsagram feed for a beautiful capture of the best tacos we've had in a long, long, time.) After our tacos, we went back to the farmer's market for some flowers. Problem: we didn't have cash, and the lovely vendor didn't have a Square reader. Solution: C runs back up to our apartment to grab the two extra Square readers we had, while I make a new friend. In the end, she refuses to let us pay for the flowers. Win!

At the rate I'm going, I will have at least one new plant every week.

Flowers in hand, we headed over to the truly Phantastic Books and picked up these lovelies.

And, this Monday morning, here are a few of my favorite/happy things.

(My "happy mugs." C takes black coffee; I'm enjoying green tea.)

What brings you happiness this Monday?