Sabrina Reyes-Peters

Sabrina's Weekly Digest No. 12

I finally got Google Analytics installed last week, and I know that this little digest of mine hasn't done very well so far. One week is not enough time to gather a conclusion from the data, but I've had a feeling that only five of you read these things, unless someone with thousands of followers retweets it. Nevertheless, I persist.

I got a new keyboard this week. It is a mechanical keyboard, so it is a bit like going back to the days when I played games on on DOS and typed stories on a typewriter, BUT its backlight sports a rainbow of colors, and mechanical keyboards are supposed to be more ergonomic. Next is a super awkward looking mouse!

Over the summer, I wrote a piece I called "Evangelicalism and the Body, pt. 1". I had intended for it to be two parts, and after working on it more in earnest this week it looks like a tangled mess right now, so it might be more than two parts after editing. On Tuesday, I published "Sunday Reflections" which might be a weekly, because it seems I have thoughts about church more often than not. Tomorrow, Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, is visiting my church, and there will be baptisms, so you can count on some reflections for next week.

Find last week's digest here.

Anyhow, here's what I've been consuming lately.



I'm subscribed to probably two dozen or more podcasts, but I really only listen to a few of them consistently. I'm also gonna have to go back and refer to my first digest in which I list a bunch of podcasts that aren't hosted by just white men, because my subscriptions are cluttered with a lot of podcasts I don't listen to anymore! This week, I listened to Kat Armas chat with Brandi Miller on The Protagonistas about unlearning and relearning the Bible, another Faith and Capital episode (maybe you should just assume it's given, at this point, but the new episode on Monday is all about Puerto Rico, so I'll definitely say more about that one!), and today I listened to episode 3 of Profane Faith's fourth season.


I need some recs, here. What are you all listening to?



I'm sheepishly admitting that I haven't been reading too much. Oh! What a travesty. I am over halfway through with The Water Dancer, which I mentioned two digests ago, and I still think I should recommend it. Ink and Bone, also mentioned two digests ago, is giving me anxiety so I've had to stop reading that one. Why did it give me anxiety? Well, it involves someone eating the pages of a rare and very valuable book. That's basically it.

Articles and miscellanea

Boy did I find an interesting long-ish read for you all, and the title is misleading: "How St. Augustine Invented Sex". The title should more accurately read, "How St. Augustine Invented the Doctrine of Original Sin/Total Depravity Through Sexual Experience". If you're well-versed on St. Augustine (I've only read a few pages of Confessions), I'd very much welcome your thoughts.

Here's a refresher on kyriarchy from someone besides me: "Kyriarchy 101: We're Not Just Fighting the Patriarchy Anymore"

And, as a follow-up to last week's piece on FBI surveillance of dissenters: "The FBI Spends A Lot of Time Spying on Black Americans"


GBBO is over for the season, so now what? I've been watching Modern Love this week, too, but that's no substitute. C insists that I watch Roseanne and Law and Order SVU with him and I need something to break it up, because I am almost done with Modern Love.

As I said, I'm looking for music recs! What else is happening? Let me know!