First Blog Post of 2014

I haven’t blogged in almost a year.

I think I was tired of seeing all the back-and-forth: someone writes a cool and provocation piece, someone else writing a push-back, and then another piece critiquing both of those, and so it goes.

I was tired of feeling like I had to write something that pertained to a hot topic, in order to get any attention at all. Not that I write just to get attention, eh? However, when I want to dialogue, I need to get a little attention so people can see what’s up.

I still wrote occasionally, journaling and what-not, but left my blog alone. Then my domain expired.

Having an expired domain is kind of a nice excuse to get a new blog look to go along with a new domain. Here is where I must admit that I am very spoiled, because I have a super-awesome-creative husband who designs and codes things into beautiful existence. I have to do hardly anything, except, well, write stuff.

Thus, I present to you my new blog. I promise not to let this one expire.

Check out my new bio page. Get at me on Twitter for more.