Sabrina Reyes-Peters

epilogue: living in jerrytown

As a follow-up to my post "living in jerrytown", I thought I would share some things I enjoy about living in Lynchburg specifically, and the South/East Coast, in general.

  • History. The West is a young part of the USA, so I feel like I am just now catching up with parts of history, such as the Civil War. I knew it happened, but never having seen any of the related landmarks made it easy to hold as an abstract concept. There are historical landmarks less than one mile away from where I live, from the Civil War era. There is also the site of the first Quaker meeting house in Lynchburg, established in the seventeenth century, less than a mile away. Simply put, Virginia tells more stories of the USA's origins that I've yet to explore in an interactive manner.
  • Related the history, I love all the grand, old architecture, and more specifically, all the old church buildings in Lynchburg. Some are more humble looking, while others are just magnificent, but they are beautiful.
  • I grew up in the desert, and then spent the last several years in its antithesis: the Evergreen State. My eyes had known no happy medium until now. I love the sights of the prolific flora, especially when all the tulips are in bloom, and the old, proud tree that stands in the courtyard. As to whether Lynchburg has definitive seasons, I am not sure.