hymns & good music

If you know me, you know I am fairly (okay, maybe very) particular about the music I listen to.  I tend to be especially critical of the Contemporary Christian Music market, as well as some of the music that passes as "worship" music nowadays.  The music tends to be mediocre, and the lyrics tend to be, well, watery.  That is why I've gravitated more toward hymn-listening.  The problem with that is, it's been difficult to find nice renditions of hymns, besides the Indelible Grace project, which I discovered around the same time as Page CXVI.

When I discovered Page CXVI, I was ELATED.  They play hymns, don't necessarily change the traditional melody, and they have clean, easy pop sound that is fresh, meditative, and just plain lovely. Everyone I've recommended them to has enjoyed them immensely.  Sample one of their tracks:



Come to discover a little later, Page CXVI is also The Autumn Film.  They were actually The Autumn Film before Page CXVI.  And they are celebrating their 7th year of making beautiful music together.  To help celebrate, they are giving away their entire catalog of music starting TODAY, for seven weeks!!!  That's 11 albums of music for FREE!!!  Ah!!!  How can you say, "no, thanks", to that?

Go and feast by clicking on the image below... 






NOTE: So many excited fans have been taking advantage of Page CXVI's giveaway, that their site has been overwhelmed.  Please be patient; it will be well worth it!