how's your story?

sometimes, you just run fresh out of ideas. your brain feels all dried up. bone dry.

so, you brainstorm.  then what?  free-write, hoping something will just magically appear and take shape from among the nonsensical string of symbols?  no?

what do you do, then?  drink more coffee, take more vitamins, hoping for an increase in brain performance?  or, if you’ve been in dark, do you sit in the sun?  what if that doesn’t work?  what happens then?  do you throw your pencil against the wall, take an angry hand and attack the ruined pieces of paper, scrunching them into misshapen balls, and tossing them all over the room, then throw yourself on the couch and mope around?  no?  do you take a walk outside?  do you wander around inside?  do you pick up the remote and surf mindlessly through all the television channels? do you watch twitter like a hawk, hoping for the appearance of a nice writing prompt?  do you go to work in the kitchen, cooking and baking and eating to forget?  do your laundry?  madly clean house, even though it’s not really dirty?  knit, crochet, cross-stitch, sew?  take your frustration out on the piano, djembe, guitar, saxophone, drum set?  do you read someone else’s work? do you go work in the garden, relishing in the smell of dirt and herbage?  do you play scrabble or words with friends, looking for a new word of inspiration?

do you change environments, plant yourself in a coffee shop or a bar for a while?  do you call up an unsuspecting friend for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a drink, then proceed to bewail your writers-block misery, dumping all your sorrows on him/her?  or do you just call up a friend and get straight to the sorrow-dumping?  do you get in your car and drive to nowhere in particular, blasting the music or ruminating in silence?  do you take a run to nowhere in particular?  hop on your bike for a long ride?

do you break out the music, turn up it real loud, and dance ‘til you drop?  or sing loudly ‘til your heart pops?

or do you do nothing, and just hope and pray for eventual inspiration?

no?  what do you do, then?  are you writing your story?