Tell yourself you really don't want OR need to read this.  Tell yourself it's a complete waste of time!  Boring!  Sleep-inducing!  Truly!

Consider yourself warned, then I shall proceed.

1) Are you still reading?  Go away!

2)  I had this gut feeling (whatever you want to call it)  that this year would be different from the past few years, and by golly, my gut was right.  I've got a new job I'll absolutely love, dear friends old and new, a cute place to live, and for better or worse, a new and different grad school that is partially the same as it has always been.  Oh, and I made the student council.  Look out, world.

3) Not to mention new ministry opportunities.  The ESL students at church are going through Living by the Book, and I get to help teach!  I'm excited to see what else I can pack into my schedule....right.

4) Still reading?  There's no hope for you, I'm afraid.

5) Last, but certainly NOT least, Roomie is getting married to Rascal tomorrow.  Never thought I'd live to experience the day(s) of living with a preoccupied, bedazzled, forgetful, bride-to-be.  Okay, well, that is not entirely true.  I figured these kinds of days would come soon enough.  I'm nearing 30 quite rapidly, after all.

6)  STILL reading?!?!  I sentence you to at least a two sentence comment!  There!