twitter, etc.

Although I like twitter sometimes, sometimes it is just information overload.  And there's Buzz, and I'm sure many other social media of which I am happily unaware.

I think twitter has been stealing from the creativity that is supposed to go into my blog.  Or rather, overpowering with its information overload.  'Cause, you see, when you're busy attempting to remember 500+ words for Hebrew vocabulary exams, reading hundreds of pages for theology classes, trying to come up with decent exegesis (and then building it into theology, contextualizing it and applying it), checking Facebook, checking email....checking twitter, occasionally reading for pleasure.....


Something's going to explode.  I think that would be my brain.  And I think that the explosion would expel all my creative juices.  Well, at least most of them.

All that to say, sometimes I think about deactivating my twitter account.  And I dream of days where socializing is not perpetuated through facebook.  Sigh.