i always blog when i’m supposed to be doing something else

for example, I should be working on a 500-1000 word exegesis paper for Philemon 10-12. Or is it 12-14? I can't remember. Also, remember when you had to diagram sentences in grammar? Oy. Try Greek. Double oy.

Sorry for not updating this thing. I am stuffing my head full of philosophical and theological concepts, and trying to find my footing in Hebrew and Greek again. My head teeters because it grows heavy with the knowledge that I don't know anything, and unfortunately it does not have the capacity for blogging on most days, either. I do hope you, my friend, are using your brain. Many people don't.

I leave you with a quote from a theology prof.

"Doubt everything I say, but at least give it some critical examination. It might be true."