vast dichotomy

I wonder a lot.  This is just another pondering, and hopefully not too controversial for the lover of peace that I am, coming up with blog ideas when I am supposed to be studying. :)  Oh, and this is also slightly related to Nate's recent blog entry here.

Question to you think that those who claim Christianity and shun the "secular" (meaning, anything not related to the church, whether it be media [films, music, books, art, etc.], culture, events, people, customs, etc.), staying inside the "sacred" bubble, are partly to blame for the increasingly "post-Christian" America?  And if so, what can be done to remedy that?

To use a not-so-great-but-sufficient illustration, say people never left a Christian bookstore, like Dightman's, because it's supposed to be a safe, relatively moral bubble for everyone.  They stayed because everything in the outside world is dirty and scary.  One brave soul ventures into the outside world, and is utterly shocked to find the rampant ungodliness, wondering how it became that way.  Shocked as shocked can be, she flees back to the Bubble where it is warm and safe, and warns everyone inside not to go outside, otherwise they'll become dirty and scared (and maybe even scarred).

This may be my cynical self coming out again (slightly :) ), but I think about stuff nonetheless, and I don't know that I've come up with a solid answer yet.