i got nothing

Nothing really new or novel, that is.  Sorry to disappoint you, friends.

I've been housesitting this week, so it's just me with two dogs and two birds.  I talk to them, because there is no one else with whom to carry on conversations, even though I'm doing all the talking. 

And then it dawned on me - I do not think I am the loner I sometimes claim to be.  I might be okay with being a loner for one or two days, but after that, it's not good.  I crave interaction, even though I'm predominantly an introvert (which means I must work at expressing myself verbally), and I watch television so I can hear other voices.  And after a couple more days of not interacting with anyone else, I easily fall into a hermit style of living, which keeps me inside the house (and reluctant to be social).  I could fall, dead, on the floor, and no one would notice, except for the dogs.  Sad.

I think what Jack on LOST said is true; if we don't live together, we'll die alone.