tid bits in the midst of summer heat

The summer heat is seriously sucking out my brain juice.  All I want to do is curl up into a ball and take a nap in the refrigerator.  I know, bad idea, but with humidity and highs of between 105 and 110, I'm desperate.  Especially with the AC unit broken.

I was reflecting upon the days when I first discovered writing, and remembered that all I wrote was fiction.  Childish fiction (since I was a child), but fiction nonetheless.  I'm going to try my hand at it again and see what comes of it.  Probably won't see it on here, though.

And, I've decided not to talk/write about what I'm going to write, because it seems to spoil the writing.  If you were superstitious, you would probably say my writing becomes jinxed once I blab about it.

If you use blogger, you may not know this, but with wordpress, I can see daily blog stats, and I know someone (or many someones)  is reading my blog.  I don't know who you are, but I see from whence you have come, if you happen to click a link to my blog from another source.  And that is how I know there is this anonymous person who has been accessing my blog from another friend's blog (two cent thoughts) numerous times a day (sometimes looking at 10-20 of my posts daily).  There has also been an anonymous person clicking on my twitter feed (to your right) multiple times a day (coincidentally, on the same days when my blog is accessed through two cent thoughts).  I'm inclined to believe they are the same person, but they haven't commented on any of my posts (even after looking at between 10-20 of them).  Now, I'm not scared that someone is stalking me.  That's not the reason for this blurb.  I'm just curious what your name is.  What if we're friends?  Please speak up.  If you're shy and prefer not to say anything, that's okay, but I'm afraid curiosity will slay me in the end.  If I had a more popular blog, I probably wouldn't even be writing this, but because my blog is so little and of so little consequence (and I like to be friends with the people who read it), I'd like to know who is so utterly fascinated with my blog and my twitter updates.  That's all.