people, please...

I usually don't make strong political statements, because I dislike stirring up debate.   Even so, this is not considered a "strong political statement", but I needed to get some stuff off my chest.  And this is not directed at anyone in particular, so please do not feel that I am targeting you.

People, please...

Are right-wing, conservative, Republican politics really the gospel?  I've yet to see someone effectively evangelized or converted by the forcing of right-wing politics down their throat, especially when the arguments are primarily ad hominem.

Change begins on the inside, and works its way out.  The reverse is not true.

Also, please do not think that just because I am a "Christian", it means I am a Republican, or should be a Republican.  I do not wish to adopt political parties mindlessly, simply because it is the trend amongst those with beliefs similar to mine.  I do not think that the GOP is the elect political party.

Okay, the end (I hope).