from the blogging universe, 3 - for some laughs.

Since I have been dealing with headaches and the temporary loss of my dear MacBook, I can now identify with Kuzco in The Emperor's New Groove:  "DAHHH!  You threw off my groove!!"  My blogging groove, that is. Thus, a plug for some cool blogs is coming right up.  See the previous plugs here and here if you missed them.

Did I mention it was raining yesterday?  And thundering?  I love it.  Technically, it's not summer, but I love summer storms.  That's ONE thing I like about the freakish high desert.

Not many of you have voted on the pickles poll.  I would like to post the results soon, but I need more participants.  Then I will another poll.  And perhaps another.  ;-)

Okay, now down to business.

For your smile/laugh of the day, visit  The Adventures of Chaz and Jack.  It's a comic based on real experiences as clerks in a Christian retail store.  Also, you might get a kick out of The Habitation of Justice (he doesn't write funny stuff all the time, but when it's funny, it's hilariously funny).  I also recently discovered Stuff Christians Like (I'm guessing the idea comes from Stuff White People Like), thanks to my blogging friend Caroline.  Side-splitting!

Check 'em out!