the quest

I am a classic jack-of-many-trades.  Good at many things, I excel at nothing, and dabble in everything, right-brained and left-brained, creative and analytical, writing and mathematics; you get the picture.  I am still looking for my niche.  It is quite possible I will never find it, and that I will have decide which of my “trades” can be my “niche”.  I think I will always be close to living in a cardboard box, though, because I don’t really care about money.  

I would rather be a missionary overseas more than anything else.  

I really do not have a preference as to what I end up doing as a missionary, I guess I just have to choose a “niche” and a location.

Perhaps I am not searching.  Maybe I am procrastinating.  Perhaps the answer is right in front of me, and I have yet to rub the sleep out of eyes to gain a clear focus.  Excuses for my lack of quick-decision-making skills.

After all, it is not rare for me to use half an hour in determining which flavor of soy /rice/coconut milk ice cream I want.