blogging agenda

Yay! It's still Tuesday, which means I'm not falling back on my promise to update you all with a blogging agenda "tomorrow" (as I said yesterday, if you noticed). Many thanks to those of you who contributed to my request for...reader's requests. It's never too late if you wish to participate (rhyming without thinking...yeah!). See my previous blog entry here.

You have chosen these topics from my "i am" page, and I will blog on them. I do not know yet in which order they will go:
-"still searching" (I'm guessing those of you who are curious about this one will get a clearer picture with my thoughts on it.)
-veganism, and as a consequence... Recipes and such.
-books (current reads; brief reviews)
-irony (good one!)
-my missionary aspirations
-emerging/emergent church

...and there you have it! I should have an entry done by the end of this week.