a break from deep waters, introduction

In other words, a break from my deep thinking.

I got to thinking (ha!), that maybe a few readers would like some light stuff, some stuff that is actual literal in content, instead of imagery and metaphors. Such a concept, I know. I also must apologize, because I have found myself to be hypocritical in the blogging etiquette department, in that I have demanded (in my mind, but it still counts), at least two or three blog entries per week from each blogger on my blogroll, yet I can only seem to conjure up something every two to three weeks. Woe to me.

So, within this series of "a break from deep waters", I will attempt to blog on things that I like. That will consequently give you a peek into my life, so beware!

I will definitely blog on food and books, because they are most essential to life, besides God, of course (how could you even think anything else! I am ashamed). I will also attempt to explain the blogs on my blogroll, but I have another idea.

Drum roll, please.

If you are one of the four people (taking a stab in the dark with this number, because I really have no clue, but you know who you are) who regularly peruse my blog (even if you never comment...now is the time!), perhaps you might suggest a topic or two from my "i am" page (any topic which you see there, because, presumably, I like those things) and I shall grant you your heart's desire with a blog entry on that topic. The quality of the blog, however, might be for you to determine, haha. Just kidding on that part. I will try my very best.

Have at it!