on the streets

I know, I know, it's been a long time. I've been stressing over piano and people. It's what happens when one volunteers their mediocre playing skills for the church over christmas time. It's also what happens when you have close friends.

Beginning tomorrow, for roughly 24 hours, I will be hanging out on the famous route of the rose parade. I will be following a large group of people intent upon street evangelizing the day before the parade. An opportune moment, yes? Some of them will merely be miming/dramatizing to music containing bits (or all) of the gospel message, and some of them will be "preaching."

Why will I only be following? Well, for one thing I will be documenting stuff on film, literally. For another thing, I don't really like "street evangelizing."

Whoops. Did I actually write that? On the public domain of the world wide web where most of my readers claim Christianity? I'm afraid I did, which leads to the main point/question of this little blog:

What's my problem with street evangelizing?

Okay, admittedly, maybe it's not my "gift", per se. That's a slightly legitimate reason. But what else bothers me is that most who are evangelized on the street, once having "accepted Jesus" (i'm struggling with most christian-ese at this point in my life), are left quite alone, without discipleship, and, well, alone, still adrift in their world. Is it safe to say they are really saved? I'm not the Judge, but I think about this a lot, and I have the same issues with altar calls.

So before you become quite annoyed with me for taking issue with something that is quite traditional in the church realm, let me clarify that I don't believe street evangelizing is inherently bad, for God can choose any method He pleases to draw one to Himself, I'm sure there are many who go about street witnessing with care and wisdom, and I am certain there are those who would not have heard about Jesus otherwise. I'm just pointing out something I have noticed in my short life span that could use more attention.

Am I wrong in this in any way?  I would like to be corrected if I am.