how god killed plan A

Okay’ll take too long to relate the past four months in detail, so here is a summarized timeline.

-June...was a cool month.  school ended, and i got to visit the fam down in soCal.

-July...pretty boring, except for the 4th.

-August...began as another tedious working month, until i got the idea to travel to london in the fall.  that idea soon unraveled into an opportunity to LIVE in london, which i snagged with almost no hesitation.

-September...very, very interesting month.  the 1st was my fly-out-of-the-county date.  I flew out of seattle that night, and arrived in london on the 2nd, only to be sent back 12 hours later. (shoot me an email for details).  so, plan A was shot down, and poor summer was without an au pair.  problem was, i didn’t have a plan B, mainly because i am naïve and sometimes idealistic.  so here i am, back in seattle 48 hours after i tried to escape.  i have some very gracious friends who offered to take me in, and i stayed with them for 5 days.

now, guess where i am.  try.

you got it.

the very place i’ve been trying to avoid ever since i fled**. 

the place i grew up in.  the dry, dusty, deserty, windy, two-seasony, joshua-tree-prolificacy, dirty, hick-y,….ugh.  hesperia, ca.  the place where riding your dirt bike is the THING to do on weekends.  don’t get me wrong; i love my friends and family, but….hesperia.  why??

God really has a sense of humor, folks.  So, stay tuned as i develop a plan B.


** well, not really...try “evaded”...hmm, actually, that doesn’t work, either.  i did move away to school, where i discovered much better places.  let’s leave it at that.