...certain "christian" bookstores are "christian" in name only. and why everything is about money.

take a look at this t-shirt.

it is due to come out in my work's latest sale catalog.

last night, at the latest staff meeting, my boss announced that everything in the catalog had been ordered, except for this shirt.

the reason? she was "offended" by the image of jesus on a cross, spilling out blood and gore. she wasn't going to order it, unless someone specially requested it.

now, i know that my boss does not want to be associated with some catholics who may take crucifixes a bit too far, but to throw out the atonement is to throw out the gospel. jesus died on a cross to bear the wrath you and i deserved. and you are offended at the sight? god help us.

i do not work at a "christian" bookstore. i knew that before, but it is becoming more and more evident even to those who thought a christian bookstore (a "christian" anything) on this planet even existed. i work at a bookstore. just a bookstore owned by people with christian morals, fighting for moral lifestyles, and nothing more. it is no more sacred than borders.