So many of them!

-New state, new city, new people.
-Graduate level studies, as opposed to undergrad.
-Living with just one roommate in a quaint apartment, as opposed to living with five or six other people in a house, or 79 other girls in a dormitory.
-Having to actually pay rent (I worked for a room previously).
-Looking for a new church in a completely different environment (I've heard it said that Pierce County [where I now reside], is the least churched county in the entire nation; although I haven't been able to verify that, I've noticed that most churches seem to have smaller congregations).
-Trying to change my Southern California driving instincts is not so easy.
-And for the sake of my family and many friends back in California, I'll make this blog more of a personal chronicle, along with my usual random stuff.

....did I mention the weather is in stark contrast to California right now? I love this weather.