Mostly settled

I've now been living in Tacoma, WA for 10 days.

After I unpacked all my books, I started to feel at home, although I don't know where I'll keep the books I collect while in my three-year seminary experience (I think I may decorate this little place with bookshelves). That "at-home" feeling grew as I became more able to navigate around "T-town", so they call it. And tonight I cooked my first meal, so I'm feeling mostly settled.

My family hung out with me last week, and we had fun going places and doing things.

Out of my unending curiosity for churches "emerging", I visited Soma church. This area has a wealth of Baptist churches, and what seems to be popular are GARBC churches ("GARB", as everyone calls them: General Association for Regular Baptist Churches). I tend to feel uncomfortable in denominational churches with a strict doctrinal statement (which is why I like EV Free churches-their doctrinal statement has room for a bit of freedom), so I don't know whether I'll end up in a Baptist church or not. I liked Soma, but I suspect it'll take more than a couple attendances to know what they are really up to.

I'll be taking a summer class, Interpretive Insights from the Land of the Bible. It's basically a Bible geography course, the closest thing to an excursion to Israel for me, I suppose, although I still long for a trip to the Holy Land. It's two weeks in length, so we'll see how much I actually retain.

For the fall quarter, I'll be taking Greek, Hebrew, Hermeneutics, and Theological Research & Writing.

I have a hunch I've landed a job at the local Christian bookstore. It won't be paying much, but it's a start. I'm not in control of my own life, and I was sorely reminded of that fact when in a slight occurrence of absent-mindedness, I locked myself out of my car at a gas station, with nothing in my hands except a skinny gas card. Another story for another time.

At any rate, God has seen it fit to keep me here, and He'll continue to provide as He sees fit.