Theological correctness?

Have you ever experienced refreshment in participating in a “small group/bible study”, wherein most of the participants’ theology left much to be desired...yet, you longed to go back, because of the love of Christ and fellowship offered there (well, and because you really, really wanted to help with basic theology)? I have.

I am always wondering about those people being criticized for having poor doctrine, and those who are boasting sound doctrine and sound living, yet doing nothing to spread the love of Christ -- reaching out to the lost. Those who proclaim scriptural principles, but live in a pure dogmatic sense. Which is better--theology or love? Christ in the pulpit/classroom, or Christ in the streets?

Jesus preached, AND served. What about us? What does it matter that we simply embrace the gospel and preach it (not necessarily with words), without correct theology? The depravity of humankind is evident in prideful boasting.

Although I am fascinated with theology, I find myself backing away from theological arguments which do not pertain to someone’s salvation. I pray daily for the love of Christ. I am frustrated with churches that have every theological T crossed, and refuse to exercise them with love.