Expansion on last entry

So sorry, peeps. I left a mysterious note last time, and meant to expand on it pretty quickly (but I forgot). Here's a little update on life.

After expressing my desire to my Greek professor to study further for the purpose of teaching/missions/ministry, he encouraged me in that regard, and recommended Wheaton (which still is, academically speaking, my school of choice). Having already signed up to go visit this little, tiny seminary in Washington, I said that I would look into Wheaton (because I really wanted to [and especially the Billy Graham scholarship, which would be the only way that I would attend the school]). I also wanted to visit the school because I am a bit nervous of studying somewhere I've never been.

Well, I ended up visiting Northwest Baptist Seminary in Tacoma, WA, and shortly thereafter my finances (or rather lack thereof) prevented me from even considering a short visit to Wheaton. Drat, because I really like the look of their Biblical Exegesis program. And another catch was that I couldn't guarantee going on the mission field after I graduated, so I'd have to pay back the Billy Graham "scholarship" (which is actually a loan, paid off for you when you spend a few years on the mission field post graduation).

I really do not have the desire to go to a state university (where I would major in Linguistics/TESOL), and Seattle Pacific University (where I would also study linguistics) would not give me any help financially (their TESOL curricula looked very good).

To make the story a bit shorter, I decided to apply to Northwest Baptist Seminary (which also has a scholarship [a genuinely free one] available).

One of the main reasons I've applied there is because they are really strong in the area of Biblical languages (even if I was not going to attend Wheaton, I'd still want to ensure that I get something almost as good in that department). I've also applied because the scholarship would assist me greatly, and because I am really fond of Washington's greenery (never mind the rain-I love that, as well), having grown up mostly in desert-like surroundings.

There you have it :).

I have a little more time on my hands this semester, so another blurb should be coming soon.